• Location: Sweden, Stockholm
  • Date Posted: 18th Jul, 2019
  • Reference: 18/07/2019NJH
A new and exciting role has just emerged on the Swedish M3 market.

Are you interested in gaining employment within a company that will feature a flat structure?

The benefits of a flat structure are as follows:

* Clear and concise lines of communication, absolutely guaranteeing that if a task needs to be followed through on it is picked up immediately and engaged within a fast and efficient manner.

* A clearer direction in terms of the path towards the collective goals of the organisation.

* In some cases the organisation can be owned and ran by the initial investor of the company, which will ensure the best wishes of the company and its employees are in the heart of the proprietor, ensuring a more forward thinking and creative workplace.

* A very transparent hierarchy is in place, this will give the candidate the capacity to ask questions as and when required in relation to their roles and requirements as a professional.

Being an M3 partner will give the candidate an excellent opportunity to learn and develop in and around the older versions of M3 and also 13.4.

As the new technology roles out, you will not be left behind and can assure yourself professionally that you will become extremely employable for future employment needs.

The partner that we are currently recruiting for has a clear drive and focus with an informed approach to their market, their business style is as modern as it is professional and is rooted in the experience of the owners.

This role will offer you remote work as much as you like to so it is ideal for parents or those with a home based responsibility.

There are huge financial benefits attached to this role and the scope for billing more revenue through bonus systems is very high.

This business is a young partner in relativity to the market, however they are already going places and moving fast…

Are you ready to join in?