• Location: Sweden
  • Date Posted: 13th Dec, 2019
  • Reference: NJH 13/12/2029
It is not often an opportunity this strong arises on the Swedish markets.

This organisation is looking to employ someone with the right skills to benefit by working within an already flourishing organisation.

Benefits of this role are as follows:

Extremely family friendly policy -

Though the role is in a consulting organisation the business understands that a professional without access to their family is a professional that will not be as productive, they were one of the first to implement a family friendly policy with a respect for the fact that remote work does indeed increase the efficiency of the workforce.

Full access to high tech facilities -

As this business is known for being one of Sweden's most highly regarded Jeeves organisations tied into the fact that the company has been accredited by several employment accrediting organisations with the highly excellent employers certificate, the sky is the absolute limit in terms of training within the ERP project.

There is a huge potential to cross train your disciplines also, allowing the most driven individuals to achieve their dreams in terms of software usage.

Location -

This company has ultra-modern offices located all over the Nordic regions and has no issue with allowing their staff to move around them as they venture deeper into their career.

The locations are strategically placed to ensure they not only service the most relevant quadrants of the Swedish markets - but also guarantees that they maintain the largest repertoire of some of Sweden's highest regarded Jeeves professionals on the markets.

A culture of innovation -

Due to the aforementioned, the role within this business guarantees an environment of innovation, interest, intelligence and excitement. The people that work within this business are always happy to teach and also absorb information from the experience of others.

With the above taken into mind, any sensible Jeeves professional could see that this is the right choice in terms of a next step to light the pathway for the rest of their career.

It is the role that makes you one of the most employable Jeeves professionals in Sweden.

Experience working with Jeeves is a mandatory requirement for this role (two years at least).

This is the most favourable choice of roles that you could apply for within the Swedish Jeeves market as we speak - contact me for an open and confidential chat to find out more: