NowForum 2017 lowdown

We’re excited about the upcoming NowForum events across the USA, so we’ve compiled a rundown of each event and our picks for the top sessions to attend at each event. ServiceNow NowForum America will feature three events across the country this year in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Chicago. Each event will host a […] Read more..

The importance of ITSM in business

Pathways to digital transformations, how ITSM benefits businesses, ServiceNow takes aim at $10 billion, NowForum, and advice for CIOs; the most-shared articles and niche IT news all in one digestible article for you to browse!   The pathway to digital transformation runs through IT According to BMC CIO Scott Crowder, “a successful transformation journey almost […] Read more..

The future of ERP: expert predictions for 2018

We’ve chatted with six of the top ERP influencers to find out what they think is next in the ERP market. From AI to Blockchain, the experts have laid out the future of ERP for 2018. Here are their ERP predictions. Read more..

ERP vs CRM: what’s the difference?

If you are expanding your business or looking to upgrade or make a digital transformation – you might be asked what kind of software you’re looking for, an ERP vs CRM. Read more..

Top 30 niche IT influencers

What makes these people niche IT or ServiceNow influencers? They all have a background in or are currently working with ServiceNow or IT Service Management. Their number of followers, interactions, and quality of posts on Twitter shows that they are thought leaders in their fields. You will see we have picked a mix of marketers and […] Read more..

Nine ERP interview questions (and how to answer them)

So you have an ERP interview lined-up, congratulations! We asked our experts to compile the top ERP interview questions and tips to help you succeed! Read more..

ServiceNow leads ITSM tools

ServiceNow named a leader in the 2017 Magic Quadrant. Plus, MapAnything Summer release, partnerships, and ServiceNow Game of Thrones comparison. Read more..

Oracle takes the cloud

Ellison thinks cloud computing will give Oracle an edge over SAP in the enterprise app market all while gaining BofA, AT&T, and updating SaaS offerings. Read more..

July in review: ServiceNow news

We know you’re busy – so we’ve compiled this month’s top stories into one digestible blog for you. Feel free to skim through and let us know if we missed anything! Read more..

July in review: ERP news

In this July recap of the top ERP news, we learn about the strong leadership behind SAP, Oracle's big boom and subsequent hiring, a comparison of AI, and a glimpse of the moon. Check it out below! Read more..