Ref: 1272022MW

Remote EDI Devloper- CSI/Syteline

USA, Ohio

Job description

Remote EDI Devloper- CSI/Syteline


Job Description

This role is designed to ensure the effectiveness of this organization's various I.T. applications that are critical to the successful maximization of their business systems. This role will also ensure the effective communication of the organization's various I.T. Applications. The Application Analyst will also be accountable for managing their EDI processes, with the goal of minimizing reliance on outside EDI providers and partners.

Role & Responsibilities

* The creation, testing, and implementation of translation maps from EDI to other systems
* Understand and create documentation on processes and their relation to application systems
* Implementing enhancements
* Software Configuration
* Optimizing application functionality to meet end user requirements
* Work with end users and other team members to develop solutions
* Coordinating with software vendors and internal resources

Skills & Qualifications

* Infor Syteline
* IOT Software (PQ Manager)
* Middleware Software (ION) Continue