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Ref: 83123KML

Technical Syteline Administrator

USA, Wisconsin

Job description

Technical Syteline Administrator


Job Overview: The Technical Syteline Administrator is responsible for the daily management and support of the organization's Syteline ERP and related integrations. This includes proactively supporting the deployment and maintenance of Syteline across all departments and partnering with key users to maximize the efficiency of the ERP.

Technical Syteline admin with Syteline version 8 and version 10 experience

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Serves as a leader and project manager with overall responsibility for the Syteline ERP system supporting all business units.
* Monitor ongoing successful daily operation of Syteline ERP and related integrations; ensure any issues are dealt with promptly.
* Troubleshoot Syteline errors and performance issues as they arise.
* Provides Tier II/III level support for requests submitted by Syteline users.
* Investigate and identify root causes of errors. Re-engineer processes to ensure that customer needs are satisfied, and efficient processes are in place.
* Document Syteline Administration Processes to ensure business continuity and institutional memory.
* Maintain and automate key tasks to ensure Syteline is running optimally.
* Design and implement form personalization and customization as needed by departments.
* Collaborate with subject matter experts (internal and external) to establish the technical vision and analyze tradeoffs between usability and performance needs.
* Assess and analyze the impact of proposed changes on workflow and on staff. Design and develop documentation to support changes. Test applications to ensure business requirements and IT performance criteria are established and realized.
* Perform Syteline core/plugin and relevant database management software systems upgrades/patches (including testing and support) as needed.
* Completes special projects and other duties as assigned.