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Systems Admin


Daily operational Epicor tasks:

These are the most common tickets/requests we get on the operational side:

* Correcting invoices - training issue on our side. Need work instructions possibly. Mary says "part number isn't there" - one is where the FM part number is tied to two different things. We only imported 3 years of part numbers. Would be tough for 2W to do, as it involves FM too. Probably better solved with work instructions for shipping users.
* Adding new users to Epicor - just need to know which groups/plants to be in
* Resetting passwords occasionally. - Pursue AD integration with 2W. May need to update config file on the machines.
* Docstar - we have a break as a barcode, and OCR can't recognize it. All documents in that batch get imported as one file instead of separate ones. Have to download the batch file, re-drop into folder. Mark breaks the file and continually re-runs if under 10 that got stuck together. Sometimes due to dirty scanner, etc. Non-value add work.
* When trying to ship to different addresses and need to modify order, customer may change after order submitted, etc. Spilt shipments going to two separate addresses, need to change order (training issue is root cause).
* BoM setup - still have issue setting up sub-contract BoM for 10 for tape. Would need document to show them how we do this.
* Access to Docstar (new users)
* Credit card - sometimes they don't know how to use, but this is standard Epicor function. People that want to pay after the sales order time, or wants to pay at a non-Epicor site; we use Pay-Easy.
* Intranet stuff Jamie would continue to handle or work with them.
* Cross-site inventory issues. Also adding rush shipment after something shipped; reopen order and add it, etc. Need to add line before it ships, but can do other ways.
* Printing issues occasionally. Sometimes reports not handing off to Acrobat correctly and creates a blank page. Using a different read works. Mary and a few others have Acrobat Pro. Native open in the browser works, but users need to know to open Acrobat and open files to edit to work around.
* Team will review closed tickets today and email me any other common issues.
* Schedule boards are common issue, but this is Intranet.
* Add Companies to Organisational Billing (child and/or parent) for Suzanne
* Password Resets/Add Users/Disable Users
* Small SSRS changes
* Once in a great while, help reconcile A/R issues
* Add an old part from FileMaker (haven't done this in months though)
* Occasional Printing Issues
* Missing scanned files in DocStar
* Add/change user permissions in DocStar
* add buyers, add/delete authorised users for PO
* PO receipts issue including more than one receipts for one PO
* Quotes for non-customers
* Sales order changes, shipments changes(including partial shipments with the same or different ship to addresses)
* Credit order process
* Job Traveler changes
* Part revision, Bill of Material changes including Subcontract
* Part set up issue, part UOM Changes
* SSRS report changes including APR
* Month/year end physical counts upload to Epicor through DMT
* Monthly/Yearly stock status does not balance with G/L, WIP issue
* Year-end 1099 generation
* Bank Reconcile issue
* Add/remove/update customer emails to PO Acknowledgement/ASN/packing slip/Invoice
* Create/add new search fields to the quick searches
* Add/Remove menus for user groups in Epicor