A Tenth Revolution Group Company

Ref: InforTAM

Infor M3 / Clousuite / ERP / LN / ION Open application


  • €4,000 to €6,500 EUR
  • Other Role
  • Skills: Infor, infor m3, cloudsuite, infor ION, infor Baan, infor ERP LN, infor os, Infor M3, Infor cloudsuite, Infor ERP LN, Infor ION Middlewear, Infor Baan IV, Infor OS, Infor Syteline, Infor Movex
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Infor M3 / Clousuite / ERP / LN / ION Open application


Open application for Infor ERP specialists located in Finland.

Working with a number of companies going into Q4 with growing INFOR requirements

If you have experience in the following areas please get in touch:

Infor M3
Infor cloudsuite
Infor ERP LN
Infor ION Middlewear
Infor Baan IV
Infor OS
Infor Syteline
Infor Movex

Salaries between €3500 for Jun/Mid level and €6500 for seniors.

Please apply below or email me at m.bright@nigelfrank.com