newRef: NHBA101

IT Business Analyst

England, Norfolk

Job description

IT Business Analyst


IT Business Analyst

As an IT Business Analyst, your primary activities will be focusing on continuous improvement of business processes maximising the use of technology as well as working on some exciting projects all which span our 3 operating countries - UK, Netherlands and France. We use a Microsoft ERP to help manage our business processes covering the likes of customer services, sales / commercial, Finance, manufacturing, stock and spares management, Warehousing and Logistics. There will be some service management activities, reactive work (break fix), which you will work with the supplier and our internal IT team where appropriate, but primarily you will invoke technology and business process change. IT need to help the business recognise what technology is capable of, and this role is a conduit of that.

Duties of the role:

* Liaison between the IT department and the business functions
* Acting as an information source and communicator between business functions, considering cross-functional dependencies
* Understanding strategic business needs and plans for growth
* Enhancing the quality of the ERP to deliver optimal operational efficiency
* Enhancing the quality of IT products and services
* Analysing the design of technical systems and business models
* Utilising IT data for business insights
* Analysing business needs
* Finding technological solutions to business requirements
* Producing reports on application development and implementation
* IT change protocols and procedures - inclusive of IT governance
* Running end to end changes - design, build, UAT/test, training, release management

* Analytic and Critical Thinking - being able to assess business requirements or an objective and arrive with a comprehensive list of options and recommendations based on research and knowledge
* Consultative - This means a clear view on what the business needs and IT can give - we do not need technology pushed if there is no benefit, so clear advice on what the business needs based on facts
* Effective communication is key, whether that's through verbal, written or workshop facilitation
* Factual Decision Making - Cost benefit is often a driver, therefore being able to work with the business to identify cost of technology versus operational savings, is a huge advantage
* Technically minded - This leads back to translating what the business needs and making it in to IT deliverables. You must be able to drive into the complexities of applications, databases and infrastructure
* Reporting - Comprehensive knowledge of excel is critical. In addition, Data validation, manipulation and translation not only in Excel but in application databases is a must
* Documenting and Presenting - Being able to coherently and confidently share your findings with an audience through business cases, presentations or requirements playback sessions, is a must

In addition the following experience would be very useful!

* Having worked in positions to deliver business operational efficiency through using new technology or optimising existing technology
* Capturing business requirements and translating in to IT deliverables, ensuring there is comprehensive playback to the business
* Worked in the space of ERP and integrated solutions
* Implemented new technology
* Service management activities inclusive of; Release Management, Change Management, Request Management & Incident Management
* Managing business expectations