Ref: WFI17082201

Project Manager for CRM Team!


  • 700000 to 1000000 NOK
  • Project Manager Role
  • Skills: CRM, ERP, Project Manager, Project Management, CRM Project Manager, Salesforce, SAP
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Project Manager for CRM Team!


New Opportunity for a Leading CRM Project Manager position in Norway.

If you're experienced with managing heavy duty projects in Norway across ERP or CRM then this could be the next step in your career! This role provides you with a demanding and fascinating career in one of Norway's top-performing businesses.

You have the chance to work here with a variety of duties, as well as develop local and global networks. We want to train our consultants to be some of the best on the market.

As one of our employees and a CRM advisor, you are provided with both professional and personal opportunities.

Job Requirements:

* Experience in managing projects as a full-time job Experience managing projects as a supplier in software delivery projects to external, paying clients, including experience in being responsible for delivering on contracts and in understanding the legal and commercial requirements and conditions in such projects.

* Experience in project management from the "driver's seat," or as the person directly in charge of the management of the contract and mandate, for status and case submissions to steering groups, and for reporting directly to the sponsor / project owner

* Knowledge of a variety of project techniques

* At least a bachelor's degree, preferably a master's, or an equivalent

* At least one valid project management certification (eg PMP or PRINCE2 Practitioner)

Personal characteristics:

* Effective leadership for team performance

* Anticipating, being positive, and acting consistently

* Organised, precise, alert, and "sewing matters"-oriented

* Good communication and formulation abilities in Norwegian and English that promote clarity and mutual understanding

We have chosen to highlight some of the factors we believe you may find interesting because we are aware that prospects choose a new employer for a variety of different reasons:

* Opportunities for global projects under a single, reliable organization

* Flexibility in the workplace, a positive social climate, and pleasant coworkers

* Demanding and diverse duties, as well as exciting customer projects

* Mentoring programme and skill development using a defined career structure.

* Good insurance plans that feature advantageous health insurance, as well as, of course, a competitive pay and bonus structure

* Beautiful and convenient locations can be found in the heart of Oslo, as well as throughout in the country, including Bergen, Kristiansand, and Trondheim!

* Beautiful lunch setup in a top-notch, award-winning canteen (Oslo)

* A dynamic work atmosphere where having fun both inside and outside of work is prioritised and highly skilled coworkers

* Good balance between work and play, including other factors. receive covered instruction within a specified