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SENIOR SAP CRM Consultant - German speaking

Switzerland, Zürich

Job description

SENIOR SAP CRM Consultant - German speaking


Job Description: We are currently seeking a talented and experienced Consultant to join a dynamic team in the field of consultancy. As a Consultant, you will play a pivotal role in providing expert advice and guidance to our clients, helping them solve complex business challenges and drive organizational success. You will collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs, conduct in-depth analysis, and develop tailored strategies and solutions. Your expertise and insights will contribute to the growth and transformation of various industries.


* Engage with clients to understand their business objectives and challenges
* Conduct comprehensive analysis of client operations, processes, and systems
* Develop and implement effective strategies, action plans, and recommendations
* Provide expert guidance and support in areas such as organizational development, process improvement, change management, and performance optimization
* Collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality solutions and achieve project goals
* Stay updated with industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies relevant to the consultancy field
* Maintain strong relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction and fostering long-term partnerships


* Bachelor's or Master's degree in a relevant field (e.g., business, management, or related disciplines)
* Proven experience in consultancy, either in a consulting firm or as an internal consultant
* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to think strategically and deliver practical solutions
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, capable of building rapport with clients and stakeholders at all levels
* Demonstrated project management abilities, including the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines
* Knowledge of industry-specific tools, methodologies, and frameworks used in consultancy
* Adaptability and flexibility to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
* Willingness to travel to client sites, as needed

Join the consultancy team and make a significant impact by driving positive change and delivering value to the clients across various industries!