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SAP System Manager


Job description

SAP System Manager


Are you an experienced SAP Professional eager for an opportunity to work in-house?

We are looking for a SAP System Manager to work for a company committed to investing in the latest technology in SAP and most of all, committed to investing you, with personal and professional growth both encouraged and facilitated.

As an experienced SAP Professional, the benefits of working for an in-house company won't be new to you but to recap, by working in-house, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the business and its needs, thus making you the expert. Our client offers flexible working hours, a competitive salary, a pension scheme and fantastic working conditions creating a dynamic and collaborative environment where its employees thrive.

Key Responsibilities:

* Lead and support a team of SAP specialists.
* Manage SAP security to ensure data integrity and compliance with regulatory requirements.
* Monitor the performance of SAP systems and troubleshoot any issues that arise.
* Develop and implement SAP policies, procedures, and best practices.
* Ensure SAP solutions run smoothly and manage resources.
* Support the installation, management, maintenance, optimisation of internal and cross-functional processes.
* Manage relationships with SAP consultants.

The ideal candidate will have:

* Extensive experience of and in-depth understanding of SAP.
* Strong project management skills with experience of implementing S/4 HANA.
* Expertise in project planning.
* Mcs in computer science, engineering, business or a related field.
* Strong leadership skills to motivate and guide the rest of the team.
* Excellent time management skills to handle multiple tasks and deadlines.
* Good understanding of business process development.
* SAP Certified Project Manager certification.
* Fluency in Norwegian.

If you are an experienced SAP System Manager in Norway seeking an opportunity to work in-house email your CV to Rachel at r.taylor@washingtonfrank.com