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For Permanent and Contract in Italy

    Analista funzionale SAP BI

    Italy, Milan

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    • Consultant Role
    • Skills: SAP, SAP BI
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    Middle/Senior SAP BI

    Responsabilità e attività:

    * Confronto con il cliente, acquisizione delle specifiche e predisposizione dei documenti di analisi ed i piani di test.
    * Coordinamento dei fornitori esterni e presidio delle fasi di sviluppo e di test, verificando che vengano rispettati tempi e specifiche.
    * Assicurare la realizzazione dei progetti dell'area, verificandone costantemente lo stato di avanzamento e rapportandosi con i fornitori e i clienti interni per monitorare eventuali ritardi o problemi.
    * Gestione dei sistemi per la raccolta dei dati, la loro pulizia, validazione e integrazione
    * Predisposizione della reportistica aziendale in termini di cluster, geo localizzazione etc.
    * Supporto alle attività di Analisi e profilazione della customer experience.
    * Supporto alla progettazione di reportistica per l'analisi dei trend d'acquisto e di vendita.

    Competenze tecniche:

    * Ottime conoscenze informatiche mirate all'elaborazione dei dati e alla presentazione dei risultati;
    * Buona conoscenza di strumenti di sviluppo in ambito SAP BW (database), SAP BO (front-end), SAP CRM;
    * Gradita conoscenza di SAP BPC
    * Buona conoscenza del linguaggio SQL; Calculation view e Hana
    * Buona conoscenza della lingue inglese

    RAL fino a € 50,000
    La retribuzione e l'inquadramento contrattuale saranno valutati in base alle competenze e all'esperienza realmente maturata."

    SAP MM Analista Funzionale - Cliente Finale

    Italy, Milan

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    • Consultant Role
    • Skills: SAP MM, SAP
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    La risorsa di occuperà della realizzazione dei progetti dell'area, verificandone il costante stato di avanzamento. Sara' inoltre responsabile della gestione e il rapporto con i fornitori e i clienti interni.

    Attività fondamentali del ruolo:

    * Raccolta dell'esigenza dell'utente e analisi funzionale e di processo propedeutica alla fase di sviluppo/customizzazione del sistema.
    * Progettazione dell'interfaccia utente e dell'integrazione di diversi sistemi.
    * Stesura delle analisi funzionali, di processo/flussi e della manualistica (o verifica di quelle redatte dal fornitore), condivisione con gli utenti e con la parte applicativa, per l'attivazione della fase tecnica di sviluppo.
    * Formalizzazione del piano delle attività nell'ambito dell'analisi e contributo alla stesura del piano di progetto.
    * Verifica e controllo delle attività di sviluppo e customizzazione del sistema e della rispondenza del SW ai requisiti espressi dagli utenti.
    * Definizione delle specifiche del test di integrazione e accettazione finale, curandone l'attuazione, controllandone l'avanzamento e le risultanze prodotte.
    * Pianificazione della messa in produzione dell'applicazione, in accordo con gli utenti e con la struttura applicativa / sistemistica.
    * Monitoraggio per un corretto funzionamento delle applicazioni e relativo supporto agli utenti.

    Competenze tecniche richieste:

    * Buona conoscenza del modulo SAP MM.
    * Gradita conoscenza del modulo SAP SD.
    * Capacità di operare con soluzioni informatiche eterogenee integrando dati provenienti da sistemi SAP e non SAP.
    * Preferibile conoscenza dei processi in ambito Retail/GDO (o comunque servizi/fashion).
    * Buona conoscenza della lingua inglese.

    Remoto Ibrido

    RAL: Open Budget
    "La retribuzione e l'inquadramento contrattuale saranno valutati in base alle competenze e all'esperienza realmente maturata."

    Relocation Opportunity for a Lead SAP Architect / Manager

    Italy, Rome (province), Rome

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    • Systems Manager Role
    • Skills: SAP Lead, SAP Architect, Solution Architect, SAP Solution Architect, SAP Application Manager, SAP Manager, SAP System Manager, BTP, FICO, BI/BW, Ariba, S4 Hana, End-user
    • Seniority: Senior

    Job description

    Lead SAP Architect & Manager

    An opportunity to play a leading role within a high-growth inhouse client has just hit the Norwegian market this month. A unique role that enables you to work closely with the SAP system, oversee the bigger picture and ultimately manage the SAP team as a Lead SAP Solution Architect/Manager.

    The company hold space in a competitive market and are now undergoing a new SAP S4 Hana implementation and want you to take a major role in helping design, conceptualize and maintain this solution.

    As you work in close coordination with the rest of the IT operational team and their projects, you will have a lot of input into how things are ran within the SAP landscape as it will be solely your responsibility to take ownership of the platform.

    Quite a dynamic role especially throughout the beginning journey as not only will you be responsible as a Lead & System Owner you will have the chance to work hands on implementing, configuring & maintaining the SAP solution. However, you will also participate and have an influential say on how the SAP team is built, what kind of people join the team, how the team is structured - essentially playing a major contribution to the next recruitment phase within this niche company.

    It's essential that you're motivated to work for a company that has a fast paced & dynamic environment who are passionate about innovation and scaling up.

    If you're ready to make the move to the customer side, this is a fantastic opportunity to build a solution with best practice in your vision based on your previous knowledge & expertise within SAP. You will directly influence how it is done and who's involved.

    Role Description:

    * You will be the Solution owner of the SAP system which will require you to oversee the SAP landscape working both hands on configuring the system & cooperate with key stakeholders to deliver excellent business solutions, understand the best strategy and proactively create effective decisions in line with the company's ethos.
    * Contribute to building the SAP team and undergo the eventual managerial responsibilities this will open as you play a key role in expanding this team with the company's continued growth.
    * Create and shape the SAP environment as you advise and offer expertise on how to drive the SAP solution to match the company's vision & requirements of the business.
    * Collaborate with other department heads to ensure the system integrates well into the business landscape, effectively planning alongside the CRM, SCM & commerce platforms.
    * As you undergo this new implementation of S4 Hana it provides the opportunity to work from a blank slate as you create and lead on best solution practice because there's no technical debt or legacy system.

    Role Requirements:

    * It's important to have strong SAP Competency (Preference for module experience from Finance, Analytics but open to considering experienced individuals from a Supply Chain/Logistics background)
    * Experience working with SAP BTP is desirable but not necessary as long as there's an interest to develop skills within this area.
    * Experience of SAP Ariba is a benefit.
    * Experience working with S4 Hana is fundamental with a particular desire for those who have experience in Public Cloud though Private is still relevant.
    * Configuration experience is necessary.
    * Experience working as a Solution Architect, Enterprise Architect, SAP Application Manager or SAP Lead is sought-after.
    * Wider knowledge of SAP modules & experience across a broad spectrum of SAP solutions is more preferable than specific niche expertise with only a narrow focus.
    * Having previous competency with SAP Development (ABAP or front-end) is beneficial.
    * If you have certifications in SAP this is a great bonus but not an absolute necessity.
    * Background experience or work within retail industry for SAP is a plus.
    * Academic background is advantageous (Bachelors/Master's Degree)
    * English Fluency communication skills are a requirement, Norwegian Fluency is additionally desired.

    Company Benefits:

    * 6 Weeks Vacation time!
    * Be part of an exciting vibrant, dynamic & fast-moving culture.
    * Shares Scheme - chance to get involved further in the company!
    * Niche end-user company of SAP & an interesting & competitive industry.
    * Very social atmosphere at work! Company runs quarterly events, summer parties, Christmas gatherings & for those who are interested Friday beers after work!
    * There's a place for everyone's shared hobbies - the company have social groups based on common interests, e.g. skiing, sports, board games etc.
    * New offices currently under construction in the centre of Oslo!
    * Hot food canteen in the office.
    * Competitive salary package!

    The client is searching for the ideal match in Oslo however has specified if you are within the EU and already considering a move to Oslo, Norway and you meet the requirements drop your CV over to see if this is the chance to relocate!

    Particularly if you are experienced with BTP & S4 Hana Public Cloud or have knowledge with Ariba, FICO or Analytics then this could be a fantastic relocation opportunity!