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April in review: ERP, leadership & SAP

By Mandy Richardson

Welcome to your monthly roundup of the latest in ERP news for April 2017. This month we have a roundup of CEO leadership advice, skills for your next interview, and methods and reasons for moving into the cloud. We also learn that SAP is focusing on its SMB ERP systems in an effort to bring in more support for small to medium enterprises.


Top skills for ERP professionals

Top 10 In-Demand Skills for ERP Professionals – If you’re an ERP professional looking for work, then you need to check out this article! Sometimes, employers are looking for something in a candidate that they have not written down in the job description. So, we’ve asked our top ERP recruiters what hiring managers are looking for and have compiled a list for you of the top 10 in-demand skills for ERP professionals.


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SAP commits more resources to SMB ERP portfolio – SAP is using its platforms to help small to medium-sized businesses. The software giant is continuing to invest more int it’s three main SMB ERP platforms: SAP BusinessOne, SAP Business ByDesign, and SAP Anywhere. Additionally, they are working on moving all platforms toward cloud; “SAP continues to be sensitive to those partners that want to continue with a traditional licensing approach, but this view will be increasingly challenged by the growing role of the cloud, especially in appealing to new SMB customers,” says Ray Boggs – VP of SMB research at IDC.


10 New Reasons to Move ERP Into the Cloud – “When companies replace operational efficiency with operational agility, it frees them up to do cool things with their data,” says Steve Cox, VP of ERP and EPM Cloud at Oracle. While switching to a cloud-based ERP might seem a daunting task, all combined it’s a great way to maximize time and value. Read more of what Forbes has to say about its reasons to move ERP into the cloud.


7 Leadership Lessons from the CEO of a Multibillion-Dollar Company – Inc. sits down with SAP CEO Bill McDermott. Since becoming the sole CEO of SAP in 2014, shares of the company have risen 30 percent and he has shown a commitment to his most valuable resource; people. McDermott advises leaders to remember, always, that good, effective leadership is a work in progress. He tells readers, “Every day we have to be constantly reinventing what we brought from yesterday and keep dreaming about what we can be tomorrow.”

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