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Highlights from Knowledge17

By Mandy Richardson

Washington Frank Team with the KnowGuy

Joined in the ExpoHall by over 160 other sponsors and ServiceNow partners, the Washington Frank US team enjoyed a week in sunny Orlando Florida for ServiceNow Knowledge17. We were able to attend some of the top keynotes at Knowledge17 as well as the spectacular Women in Technology breakfast and lunch series with Avis Yates-Rivers. We also got to hear the inside scoop from presenters of all of the exciting new updates coming in the release of the wildly-anticipated Jakarta update. Join us as we recap the highlights of Knowledge17!

Knowledge17 go-live kickoff party!

These dancing robots were great – one of our favorite sights during the Go-Live Kickoff Party! We did a lot of networking during the party and met a lot of great people! Did you get to stop by and chat with us? If so, let us know in the comments!


Did I mention there was cake?

Women in Technology Series

We had the privilege of joining Avis Yates-Rivers for the Women in Technology series at Knowledge17. During the series, we learned that Women make up 57% of US Professional jobs and hold 26% of jobs in tech, but only 5% of tech leadership jobs are held by women. How can tech companies make up the difference? In the panel presentation, we discussed how we can all work together to bridge the gender gap in technology leadership roles. We’re excited to see where this leads.


Some of the statistics at the Women in Tech series were staggering.


A panel of experts was gathered at the Women in Tech lunch to talk about how we can all work together to bridge the gender gap in technology careers, especially in leadership roles.

Panelists included:

Farrell Hough
ServiceNow GM & VP of ITSM and Product Operations

Ashley Haynes-Gaspar
Vice President & General Manager Global Support, GE Digital

Avis Yates Rivers
Technology Group International CEO
Director National Center for Women in Technology

Heather Pfluger
Microsoft IT Principal PM Manager


Work at lightspeed: a smarter, faster way to get work done

What a great Keynote from John Donahoe to kick off Knowledge17! John talked with partners Novartis on how they have made the transformation to ServiceNow and re-imagined IT as a service. Additionally, Ashley Haynes-Gaspar, VP & GM, Global Support for GE Digital gave an awesome review on using the ServiceNow platform!

“ServiceNow platform is your digital transformation partner” – John Donahoe.

Ashley Haynes-Gaspar stole the show when she talked about the need for more women in technology, stating, “We will have 20,000 Women in Technology by 2020” at GE Digital! She also joined the panel at the Women in Tech lunch!


Work at lightspeed: delivering IT, customer service, security, and HR

Beginning with a great metaphor for how problems are typically handled in IT – the day 2 keynote was full of exciting news about the latest update to ServiceNow, Jakarta. Jakarta update promises Software Asset Management, Communities, Enterprise Onboarding, and Trusted Security Circles.

Companies can save millions of dollars by making Human Resources more productive through automation with ServiceNow.

Farrel Hough ServiceNow quote

Farrell Hough gave a great talk about the newest updates coming with Jakarta! We love her promise to the crowd, “There’s something in here for everyone, I promise.” She’s certainly not wrong – start getting excited for the release of Jakarta coming in the third quarter of 2017.

The presenters from the keynote, Delivering IT, Customer Service, Security, and HR at Lightspeed pose for a quick photo! Great presentation revealing all of the brand new features to launch with the upcoming ServiceNow update!

“Customers can now predict and prevent service outages with anomaly detection” – Farrell Hough

ServiceNow has made the announcement of the much-anticipated Jakarta update. Most exciting – ServiceNow has announced the release of one of the most groundbreaking ServiceNow technologies offered to date – the Intelligent Automation Engine™ – which promises to bring machine learning to everyday work.

This new automation engine offers:

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Intelligence to Categorize and Route Work
  • Benchmarks to Evaluate Performance Against Peers
  • Performance Predictions to Drive Improvements

Washington Frank prize winners

Niche IT Recruitment Expert Bear

We met hundreds of people at Knowledge17, and got to give away tons of our bear keyrings! We also held an online contest to win dinner on us, as well as a Buzzwire challenge during the event. Here are our big winners from the week!

Starbucks Gift Card Winner at Knowledge

George Palm joined us at our booth at Knowledge17 and came away with a $100 gift card to Starbucks! A cool iced coffee sounds like a great refresher in the beautiful Orlando weather. Congrats George, enjoy your gift card and thank you for the visit!

Winner of Beats by Dre at Knowledge

Vinay Verma stopped by and got to take home a prize! Vinay has won a pair of Beats by Dre. Headphones. Congrats! We hope you enjoy your prize.

Our grand prize winner, Raymond Cho came to collect his prize on Tuesday afternoon! Raymond entered our online contest to win a $300 gift card to Christner’s Prime Steak and Lobster. Enjoy your dinner on us, Raymond! Raymond is pictured alongside our Vice President of Washington Frank USA, ServiceNow Division, Jeffrey Chorpenning.

ServiceNow Knowledge17 highlights

Knowledge17 offered a great many learning experiences for Human Resources, IT, Customer Service, Security, and more! Check out this video from the crew at Knowledge17:

Washington Frank USA Niche IT Recruitment Experts

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success at ServiceNow – we were proud to be sponsors this year and we thank you for inviting us. We would also like to thank everyone who stopped by to talk with us. We’ve compiled a gallery of some of our favorite moments from the events, take a look below.

What was your favorite part of Knowledge17? Tell us about it in the comments!

Washington Frank is a third party recruiting firm and not affiliated with ServiceNow, Inc.

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