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All about ServiceNow Knowledge17

By Mandy Richardson

Washington Frank USA is proud to sponsor ServiceNow Knowledge17! Join us at booth E52 during ExpoNow. Knowledge 17 is sure to give today’s ServiceNow professional a true learning experience in delivering the optimum IT, security, customer service, and HR. You can stop by to talk with us about the latest salary trends in ServiceNow as well as to discuss your hiring or job-finding needs!

Your chance to win at Knowledge17 with Washington Frank USA!

Win at Knowledge17 with Washington Frank USA

At the booth, we’ll also have some giveaways and will be holding a Buzzwire Competition; you can win one of our grand prizes including:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Beats EP Headphones
  • Fitbit Alta HR
  • $100 Starbucks Gift Card

Never played Buzzwire? Well, then you’re in for a treat at Knowledge17. Guide the loop over the length of wire without touching the sides – and we’ll record your time in this game of skill and hand-eye coordination. Learn more at our booth and see our Terms and Conditions here.

Build your own experience at Knowledge 17!

Attendees can choose from five different experiences at Knowledge17 this year. With 400 sessions, each in a customized track dedicated to your specific function, this is one of the fastest ways to get training in ServiceNow. Plus you will have access to over 13,000 other professionals in the industry.

We’re breaking down the tracks at-a-glance for you – just in case you still haven’t decided! Remember to build your schedule online if you have not yet done so.

IT track

The IT track offers 5 different pathways to optimize your usage of ServiceNow.

Build Your Own Experience at Knowledge 17 with Washington Frank.

Modernize IT Service Management

Interested in modernizing your IT Service Management? Take the Modernize IT Service Management track. The coursework at Knowledge17 offers over 90 sessions, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ITIL and upgrade best practices
  • SIAM


Eliminate Service Outages

If you’re looking to eliminate service outages, check out the Eliminate Service Outages track with 47 courses including:

  • The ITOM journey with smarter risk management
  • ITSM + ITOM in 1 tool
  • Getting your CMB healthy


Manage Cloud Sprawl

Need help managing cloud sprawl? Check out the Manage Cloud Sprawl track with 37 sessions, including:

  • Istanbul-based hybrid cloud provisioning
  • Using ServiceNow to track cloud resources in a self-service offering
  • Faster, cheaper, and more reliable with a Dev-Ops-ready data center


Take Control of Your Apps, Projects, and Financials

Get in control of your apps with the Take Control of Your Apps, Projects, and Financials track with 36 sessions, including:

  • Establishing an ERP for IT
  • Reporting and analyzing profit margins
  • Roadmaps and visions


Real-Time Performance Analytics

Boost your performance and track your resources with the Real-Time Performance Analytics track which offers 29 courses, including:

  • Killing PowerPoint with performance analytics
  • Reduce workload and increase proactive planning
  • Vision and roadmap insights

Customer service track

Upgrade Your Customer Service - Knowledge17 from Washington Frank USA Blog

If you’re using ServiceNow for customer service, learn how you can update your customer service methods and resolve customer problems in a more streamlined manner.

Courses offered in this track include:

  • Automating customer service
  • Evolution of customer service
  • Learning to transform and modernize service for external customers

Human resources track

Human Resources Track at Knowledge17 - Washington Frank USA Blog

Consumerize your employee’s experience with ServiceNow, learn how with sessions in the Human Resources track at Knowledge17.

  • The future of HR Service Management
  • Modernize the Employee onboarding process
  • Improving employee engagement, productivity and business efficiency

Security track

IT Security Track Knowledge17 - Washington Frank USA Blog

If you’re looking to learn how to spot security breaches ASAP – then this is the track for you at Knowledge 17.

Build your enterprise security response program with these sessions:

  • Security Automation
  • AMP: 7 Weeks to Security Operations
  • Threat Intelligence Sharing

Business apps on the ServiceNow platform

Business Apps Track Knowledge17 - Washington Frank USA Blog

With 39 customer-specific sessions, learn how anyone can create apps to use with the ServiceNow platform. Check out the following sessions at Knowledge17:

  • Demystifying complex muli-tiered processes
  • Why automating “safety” means big bottom-line savings
  • Custom App Case Study: Business Continuity Plan Generator

Our must-see picks at Knowledge17

Knowledge17 Venue - Washington Frank USA Blog

Customer Service at Lightspeed with Abhijit Mitra and Dan Hedstrom

The more you can focus on the customer, the better! So – learn how to modernize service for your external customers.



What’s great about ExpoNow? Aside from the fact that Washington Frank USA will be there in booth E52, ExpoNow features over 160 sponsors and ServiceNow partners. You can network with partners, decision makers, and learn exciting new ways to use ServiceNow to further your business and make the most of your investment.


CreatorCon: May 9-11

Developers – this is for you. CreatorCon in the Developer Hub is designed to let you see the latest updates to the ServiceNow platform, interact with HackLabs, and chose Unconference sessions on your own hand-picked topics. Or – you can just hang out and play games and have snacks. You can also use this time to chat with the CreatorCon Challenge finalists!


Women in Tech Breakfast

Join speaker Avis Yates-Rivers for a breakfast presentation about diversity in the STEM Industry. Yates-Rivers is the president and CEO of Technology Concepts Group International and a director at the National Center for Women and Information Technology. She will lead a discussion on the importance of being a leader, and the importance of having leaders from diverse backgrounds in your company. Attendees will receive a copy of Avis Yates-Rivers book, Necessary Inclusion: Embracing the Changing Faces of Technology.

Go-Live! Kickoff Party

Who doesn’t love a party? Join fellow attendees in celebrating the start of Knowledge17. Enjoy musical performances, snacks, beverages, and some fun socialization. You won’t want to miss it! This is also your chance to meet with the teams who make the event happen in a less formal environment.


Women in Tech Lunch

Did you know, over 1/1 million tech jobs will go unfilled by 2024 and fewer women are in the talent pool than ever? Join the panel discussion at the Women in Tech Lunch at Knowledge17 to talk about the ways more women could be encouraged to begin a career in tech. Several executives sit down for the panel to talk about how they have started to make a change in their own companies and in the communities as well. The panel will be hosted by Avis Yates-Rivers.


Training and certifications

Get yourself ServiceNow Certified right there in the conference! Bring your laptop and pick from a wide selection of labs for every experience level. This is a great way to improve your skills, so bring your team and get learning.

Chat with us at Knowledge17

Knowledge17 is in just 13 days, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for a job in ServiceNow, check out our Job Search. Alternatively, if you’re looking to hire ServiceNow professionals fast – check out our Candidate Search.

With so much to do and see at ServiceNow Knowledge17, it’s certainly worth attending. Please feel free to share your experiences with us on social media by tweeting to @washington_frk and using #Knowledge17 or #Know17.

*Washington Frank is a third party recruiting firm and not affiliated with ServiceNow, Inc.

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