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Why you need a specialist ERP recruitment consultant

By Mandy Richardson

Read About Why you Need a Specialist ERP Recruitment Consultant.

As a business, you might not have time to vet the perfect candidate for your ERP job placement. The process of hiring a candidate in the ERP field is tough: hiring managers are expected to hire candidates for positions in technologies with which they may not be familiar.

That’s when it’s helpful for a company to choose an ERP recruitment consultant – but choosing the right one is essential to the success of placing someone into your open job. 

Why Hire an ERP Recruitment Consultant?

Superior Market Knowledge: Your ERP recruitment consultant will know what’s what in the industry and be able to vet candidates who have the latest knowledge.

Global Reach: It’s hard to find niche ERP candidates, but a good recruiter will have leads all across the world and know what it will take to get that candidate onboard.

Applicants v. Candidates: Sure, if you post a job you will get plenty of applicants. But a recruiter is armed with candidates; people who are ready to improve their career with the right move.

How to Select the Right Recruitment Company

Now that you’re more familiar with the benefits of using a specialist ERP Recruitment Consultant, let’s look at how to select the right consultant to suit your needs.


The Job Description

The first step in choosing your consultant should be to understand what a consultant is, the businesses and technologies for which they recruit, and what they do to help hiring managers. ERP recruitment consultants specialise in ERP recruitment; meaning that they are experts in, and fully understand, the market and recognise the calibre of candidates you need to fill your open positions.


Company Reputation

It should go without saying, but be sure you’re choosing an ERP recruitment consultant from a company with a proven track record of successful candidate placement. Some firms are able to provide candidates but have a higher turn-over rate for their placements. Be sure to check references and ratings for your recruitment company needs.


Choose a Specialist in Your Sector

If you’re hiring for ERP roles, be sure to choose a firm who specialise in that sector. For example; if you were looking to hire an office assistant, you wouldn’t go through a company who specialise in placing construction workers, right?  Hiring a professional who knows the industry in and out will help you source the best possible candidates for the job.

Our Favourite ERP Recruitment Experts

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