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July in review: ServiceNow news

By Mandy Richardson

This July in ServiceNow news, ServiceNow shows a year-over-year growth of 41%, Jakarta is released, and Donahoe decides to focus on a new marketing strategy.

Catch up with all the latest ServiceNow news - Washington Frank USA

ServiceNow does it again with second-quarter earnings beat

ServiceNow showing growth with second quarter earnings report - Niche IT News from Washington Frank USA

No signs of slowing down for ServiceNow – according to its latest second-quarter earnings report. Subscription billings accounted for $411 million of its revenues, representing a 41 percent year-over-year growth. Not only that but the company has 403 customers currently with an annual contract valuing $1 million or more each, and of those, 75 percent are expected to buy more than just one of its products.

Industry investors find this news optimistic. Dave Vellante of Wikibon told SiliconANGLE, “The company’s operating profit continues to grow, and operating cash is also growing, the company has the potential to be the next big software player and can challenge the likes of Salesforce in the ‘hot, cool company category.”

What’s new in Jakarta for the Now platform?

Big ServiceNow News - Release of Jakarta platform and what to expect - Niche IT News from Washington Frank USA

Perhaps some of the most exciting news for the year – riding alongside y-o-y earnings – is the release of ServiceNow’s newest Now Platform, Jakarta. The experts on the ServiceNow Community blog break down Jakarta’s most exciting features which will help to improve user experiences, here’s a quick snippet.

  • MetricBase – a key capability which will enhance information and accelerate decisions and actions
  • Guided Tour Designer – imagine not having to learn every new app, report, form… Now that is a reality.
  • Instance Security Dashboard – the dashboard will offer a single view of 11 security audit areas.

To learn more, keep an eye on the ServiceNow Community Blog.

Enterprises are adopting interactive walkthroughs

Why companies like ServiceNow are adopting interactive walkthroughs - Niche IT News from Washington Frank USA

“SaaS enterprise platforms have become an integral part of our day to day work-life. So much that any newer technological upgrade on/for them is expected to improve the way we perform at work.” – Gokul Suresh; Content, Inbound and Social Media at Whatfix. And out of necessity, SaaS companies are using interactive walkthrough as a way to simplify applications and make training, support, and onboarding cheaper and easier all around: Cue ServiceNow’s Guided Tour Designer feature in its release of Jakarta. That’s the simple takeaway – if you’re looking to go deeper be sure to read the article.

The SaaS 1000 – SerivceNow in at 102

ServiceNow makes the SaaS 100 list - Niche IT News from Washington Frank USA

With such tremendous growth, ServiceNow makes it to the list of the top 1000 SaaS companies according to employee size growth. Good news if you’re a ServiceNow professional, and if the above article on their earnings release is any indication – they will likely continue hiring. Check out the list to keep up-to-date.

ServiceNow ramps up enterprise customers

John Donahoe looks to a new marketing strategy: Show don't tell - Niche IT News from Washington Frank USA

Encouraged by the release of its earnings, ServiceNow CEO John Donahoe decided to start focusing on customer success stories. On the topic, he tells diginomica,  “What we are going to do is put a little more focus on customer success, so that we’re capturing and documenting and codifying the business value that gets created, which helps a CIO or an IT department within their organization demonstrate the value they are driving inside their company and frankly helps us on upsells, on price realization and on landing new accounts.” This way the company gets to show and not tell the successes their customers have – a great marketing strategy which will give ServiceNow quite the competitive advantage.

Did we miss something in the exciting world of Niche IT or ServiceNow news?  Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @washington_frk.

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