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June in review: ERP news

By Mandy Richardson

Summer is finally here and things are heating up in ERP news. In this June look back on ERP news we hear a lot about AI and ERP working together – and if one will replace the other. Additionally, we get to hear about the launch of SAP Leonardo, how nonprofits could benefit from using ERPs, and what influencers you should be following on Twitter to keep up-to-date will all the industry’s latest ERP news. Check it out below!

Will AI replace traditional ERP? - ERP News from Washington Frank International

Will AI Replace ERP?

Tim Seibel is the founder of Siebel Systems, a CRM company which Oracle acquired back in 2005 talks about the future of AI and ERPs: “I’ve been in the information technology business now for four decades. I’ve lived through minicomputers and mainframe computers and personal computing and enterprise computing and relational database technology, the Internet, the cloud. When I think of IoT and predictive analytics and big data, it looks to us like an entire replacement market for everything that’s taken place in enterprise application software.” Machine learning is poised to eliminate the need for human programming – so will AI replace ERP? Have a read and share your thoughts.

Moving away from use just in BitCoin, blockchain can now be integrated for a great number of uses - ERP News from Washington Frank International

Blockchain integration turns ERP into a collaboration platform

The idea of integrating blockchain with ERP systems for added accountability is being considered just as quickly as blockchain’s capabilities are evolving. Moving away from use just in BitCoin, blockchain can now be integrated for a great number of uses.  Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO of RSA Security says, “It’s a very hot topic right now, we are definitely getting a lot of inbound inquiries around blockchain and its implication within enterprise environments. I think it’s driven largely by the fact that when there’s a new technology out there, to some degree people want to be buzzword compliant with the latest and greatest.” Experts are thinking that while blockchain will not replace ERP systems, they will be a complementary application – making it easier to integrate and to increase safety.

ERPs for nonprofits? - Washington Frank International Blog

How Can Nonprofits Benefit from ERP Software?

When thinking of non-profits, many people do not realize the ways in which even a small non-profit could benefit from the use of an enterprise software. Organizations can use an ERP to manage multiple funds, grants, and fundraising. They can also track memberships and donations as well as hold contact information for volunteers, donors, and volunteers. Libraries and museums can use an ERP software to catalog books or document artifacts. In fact, using an ERP could potentially be a way to save employee time and organization money. Read more on the blog.

Top 50 ERP Influencers on Twitter

50 ERP Influencers You Need To Follow On Twitter

Who’s who in the ERP ecosystem? We have answers for you. Our team searched Buzzsumo for the world’s top ERP influencers – judged by their tweet topics, the number of followers and number of tweets and retweets about #erpsoftware and #erp. So, check it out and follow these accounts to be on top of all the latest in ERP news.

SAP’s new digital innovation system, SAP Leonardo - ERP News from Washington Frank International

Introducing SAP Leonardo

Perhaps some of the most exciting news to come out of the 2017 SAPPHIRE NOW conference was the announcement of SAP’s new digital innovation system, SAP Leonardo. Leonardo packages IoT, machine learning, analytics, big data, design thinking, blockchain, and data intelligence to make the user experience and capabilities to the next level.

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