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Top 30 niche IT influencers

By Mandy Richardson

What makes these people niche IT or ServiceNow influencers? They all have a background in or are currently working with ServiceNow or IT Service Management. Their number of followers, interactions, and quality of posts on Twitter shows that they are thought leaders in their fields. You will see we have picked a mix of marketers and public relations professionals for ServiceNow as well as presidents, vice presidents, and consultants. If you’re looking for experts in the niche IT industry, be sure to check out our list of niche IT influencers and follow our top 30 picks on social media.

Using BuzzSumo and FollowerWonk, we’ve searched Twitter and Linkedin for the top influencers in ServiceNow and niche IT topics in the US and Canada. Picks were based on a few criteria such as tweeted topics, number of tweets, and number of likes. Additionally, these people tweeted around the topics #ServiceNow, #ITSM, or #ITOM. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Note: These are in alphabetical order by last name. 

Christina Bartels
Business development executive for Fruition Partners, a DXC Technology Company and Global Strategic ServiceNow Partner. Christina helps organizations transform their user experience using ServiceNow.

Denise Boyer
Currently the Director of Global Social Media at ServiceNow. Previously, Denise was the Director of Corporate Social Media at Oracle. According to her Twitter, Denise is passionate about all things social and collaborative.

Shane Carlson
Digital Transformation Consultant and Industry Strategist. Shane is also an ITIL Certified and Six Sigma trained digital transformation expert.

Sara Day (Nixon)
Senior Public Relations Manager for ServiceNow. Previously, Sara was the Senior Communications Manager at Mobile Iron, and Senior Specialist, Analyst Relations at Intuit.

CJ Desai
Chief Product Officer at ServiceNow and Board Director for Zebra Technologies.

John Donahoe
Chairman of the Board at PayPal and President & CEO at ServiceNow. John Donahoe just began his tenure at ServiceNow in April and is already planning to lead the company to be a 10 billion dollar business.

Robert Duffner
Senior Director of Product Marketing at ServiceNow, Robert has been working in the software business for over 20 years.

Niche IT Influencers

Steve Emerson
Senior Solution Consultant at ServiceNow, previously Solution Consultant with Fruition Partners.

Lawrence Eng
Social scientist, Senior Product Owner with ServiceNow, previously a Product Analyst at Opera Software.

Nathan Firth
Founder and Principal Architect at NewRocket, Inc. Certified ServiceNow architect, and previously Senior Software Engineer Team Lead at ServiceNow.

Dan Grady
Senior Advisory Solution Consultant, Performance Analytics and Reporting at ServiceNow. Dan has 20 years of experience in the business intelligence and analytics industry.

Hichem Guemiri
Hichem is CEO at HGC Technologies. He is also an accomplished author, speaker, and ServiceNow Certified Administrator.

ServiceNow Influencers

Colleen Haikes
Director of Public Relations at ServiceNow. Colleen has additional experience working with IBM. Follow Colleen for the latest news and updates from ServiceNow and always know what’s trending.

Patti Hill
Patti is the CloudFirst ServiceNow Technology Delivery Lead Manager at Accenture. Additionally, Patti is a Certified ServiceNow Instructor and Certified ServiceNow System Admin.

Brian Hollandsworth
Senior Product Manager, ITSM at ServiceNow. Brian has worked in various positions at ServiceNow since 2011.

Maribel Lopez
Maribel is a thought leader and advisor for Lopez Research focused on digital transformation. She is also an author and co-founder of the Emerging Technology Research Council.

Allan Leinwand
Chief Technology Officer for ServiceNow and advisor to MapAnything, Inc. Allan is an author, holds several patents and specializes in Cloud computing, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Internet architecture and infrastructure.

Sarah Manning Burr
Head of marketing at DataStax and previously Senior Social Media Specialist at ServiceNow.

Alex Mittell
Volunteer Firefighter in Amherst NH, and Senior Solutions Architect for ServiceNow.

Niche IT Influencers

Debbie O’Brien Walery
Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at ServiceNow, formerly Senior VP and CCO at Informatica and Senior Director of Executive Communications at SAP.

Rob Pickering
Evangelist, Office of the CSO at ServiceNow, and was formerly VP of Information Technology at AAA.

Mark Scott
Mark is the Senior ServiceNow Software Architect and Senior Software Engineer at TB Consulting.

Thaddeus Shegos
ITSM Principal Business Process Consultant at ServiceNow.

Holly Simmons
Global Product Marketing and Customer Service Managment at ServiceNow. Previously, Global VP of Audience Marketing at SAP.

Top 30 Niche IT Influencers

Brad Tilton
Partner Solution Architect at ServiceNow, previously a Technical Architect at Accenture. ServiceNow Certified Trainer.

Chuck Tomasi
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Now Platform at ServiceNow. Host, producer, engineer of several podcasts at ChuckChat.com.

Dan Turchin
Co-Founder at Chief Product Officer at Neva, previously VP at Big Panda, and Sr. Director of Product Managment at ServiceNow.

Cameron Wheeler
Cameron is Senior UX Designer at ServiceNow, previously manager UX Design and Front-end Development at Cisco.

Jason Wojahn
Managing Director, Global ServiceNow Platform Lead at Accenture. Jason has 22 years of experience in Information Technology and IT Service Management.

Dave Wright
Chief Strategy Officer at ServiceNow and Advisory Board Member at Betterez.

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